DESERT HYACINTH – 90 Capsules – 500mg

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Arabian Desert Cistanche Tubulosa – Desert Hyacinth 500 mg (90 Capsules) 45 Days Supply, Made in KSA – 3rd Party Tested – Cistanche Supplement – Zero Fillers – Max Purity- Vegan – Nootropics – 100% Pure Cistanche Herb


  • WILD & RAW Arabian Desert Cistanche – Desert Hyacinth – the reason for our Cistanche Tubulosa’s Nutritive and Health values.
  • PROMOTES PHYSICAL STRENGTH & ENERGY – Cistanche has been widely touted for its many benefits. Two of the most popular being its ability to effect positive changes to strength and endurance. Across several trials, the Echinacoside dosed groups have demonstrated more strength and endurance over control groups.
  • PROMOTES COGNITIVE FUNCTION – Cistanche Tubulosa can also exert nootropic effects. The mechanism behind its nootropic effects are likely related to helping balance the gut-brain axis. With this in mind, Cistanche is then a very novel natural nootropic.
  • PROMOTES POSITIVE MOOD – Not only is Cistanche an absolute powerhouse of an ergogenic aid, it also produces wonderful mood brightening effects. It mainly achieves this by balancing the gut-brain axis. Sound like an obscure mechanism to you? Well, it is! Not a whole lot of supplements act on this pathway, but the happier our gut, the happier our brain and Cistanche is proof that this is the case. It also appears to have a robust calming effect that shows up after longer term use.
  • LAB TESTED AND VERIFIED – All Nootropics Depot products are thoroughly lab tested to ensure our customers are receiving only the highest quality ingredients at the optimal strength, potency and purity. We take pride in the amount of research put into every product by sourcing only the highest quality and innovative ingredients.

What is Cistanche Tubulosa?

Cistanche Tubulosa is a desert plant that thrives off the water and nutrients of a host plant. Cistanche grows primarily in arid climates which inspired its nickname “desert ginseng.” For centuries, Cistanche has been used in Traditional Chinese practices and has been cited in literature as having a myriad of benefits such as supporting vitality, as well as promoting strength and energy!


– For brain health

Echinacoside is a main active ingredient of Cistanche. Echinacoside is soluble in methanol, ethanol, hot water. It is a phenylethanoid glycoside compound.

Echinacoside has a significant protective effect on the apoptosis of nerve cells SHSY5Y induced by tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α). Its mechanism is to maintain the function of mitochondria through antioxidant effects, reduce the level of intracellular reactive oxygen species, inhibit the activity of caspase-3 And maintain the high-energy state of mitochondrial membrane potential. Since Echinacoside has strong anti-apoptotic activity, it may be used to treat neurodegenerative and nervous system diseases including neuronal apoptosis.

Echinacoside has an anti-aging effect, and its mechanism is that it can significantly inhibit O2−•, OH•, and other free radicals, and at the same time can increase the activity of GSH-Px and SOD, and reduce the content of MDA. Due to the inhibition of MAO activity, the memory of mice is improved. The results of this study indicate that the effects of Echinacoside on anti-lipid peroxidation and improving aging are related to its antioxidant activity. Echinacoside may improve the learning and memory ability of SAM-P/8 mice by improving the function of the central cholinergic system, increasing the total antioxidant capacity, promoting protein and nucleic acid synthesis, and regulating the immune status.

Cistanche extract can improve cognitive function, including the abilities to store and recall memory. One study on the neuroprotective traits of cistanche found that it could improve the cognitive function and independent living ability of those with moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

– Anti-tumor effect

Studies have confirmed that the echinacoside from cistanche inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells, it can cause tumor cell apoptosis by blocking cells in the S phase. Echinacoside promotes the activation of the TGF-β1/Smad signaling pathway and increased the expression levels of Bax/Bcl-2. Moreover, Echinacoside could trigger the release of mitochondrial Cyto C, and cause the reaction Caspases grade.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Cistanche tubulosa phenylethanoid glycosides (CTPG) has anti-tumor effects on a variety of tumor cells too.

– Reduces Inflammation, boosts Immune System

Cistanche Tubulosa is also said to be an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. As chronic inflammation contributes to many chronic diseases, Cistanche may help treat conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, arthritis, and in particular, inflammation in the brain. Cistanche’s antioxidant activity also helps reduce oxidative stress, a process linked to low-grade inflammation.

Therefore, Cistanche Tubulosa helps to enhance natural killer cell activity and protect against bacteria, viruses and other organisms, and supports a healthy immune system.

– Supports Sexual Health and boosts libido

Cistanche may improve libido and fertility in men and women. Cistanche Tubulosa is a powerful

herb that has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine to treat sexual health issues, particularly in women. It has been found to increase libido, improve sexual performance and arousal, increase vaginal lubrication, reduce menstrual cramps, and regulate hormones. It is also known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. It works by stimulating the immune system and balancing the hormones, as well as increasing blood circulation.  It is also thought to have an energizing effect, which can help in both physical and psychological aspects of sexual health.

– Boosts Energy

Cistanche Tubulosa is considered to be a “yang invigorating” tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yang tonics enhance mitochondrial functional and antioxidant capacity. Mitochondria play a crucial role in energy metabolism. Improving mitochondrial function is beneficial to anyone looking to improve endurance or reduce fatigue. Studies have demonstrated that it may reduce muscle damage and improve ATP (cellular energy) storage.

– Hepatoprotective effect

Liver damage, cirrhosis and fatty liver disease are currently more common liver diseases, affecting people’s health.

– Other pharmacological effect

In addition, cistanche has pharmacological effects such as immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and hepatoprotective. It also plays an active role in preventing osteoporosis, maintaining the health of the intestinal flora, and protecting heart health.


In medicine, Cistanche Tubulosa is considered one of the safest, with few to no negative side effects.

Cistanche is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that contains the same active ingredients and nutrients. It is safe to use medicinally and has no negative side effects. Cistanche has no negative side effects despite having a particularly beneficial nourishing effect. However, it is advised to speak with a physician before consuming cistanche and to do so only under the supervision of a physician.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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